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Saturday, July 10, 2010



Wake up by a call.
Went to one malaysia@taipan eat dim sum halal.
salah tempat!!!! tiada dimsum.
call seseorang yg berada nun jauh di semenanjung dan diberitahu...
"1Msia " itu di terminal inanam.
minum habis lemon teh ping yang diorder.
cepat2 beredar dan go to the real WAN MALAYSIA......

bikin malu ja nama saja orang kolombong tapi salah tempat....

after dimsum halal...
went to gunting rambut...
makin pendek ni this time...
zandra pula kasi rebonding...
lama ka tunggu?
bolehh laaa......

cepat2 panjang la my front long hair...menyesal go gunting depan..


Friday, July 9, 2010


Today wake up at 12noon again. Its friday. The eclipse was out yesterday and i want to watch it. However, I just dont know why i dont have the mood to go out. I do go out but i went to buy some fruits only. I started to eat fruit everyday.

Last night i was too emotional that i almost do 1 crazy mistake. argh~ forget it.

There's nothing to blog anymore...Its raining heavily now.......... =)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Biological clock.


Today not surprisingly i wake up on 12 noon. Million thanks to Nana Ryde for the sms because it wakes me up or else i am going to oversleep like on Sunday i woke up at 1.30pm. Something wrong with the biological clock and guess i really NEED to fix it right or else i wont be able to go on time for the class which is starting next week.

Unproductive day i shall say. Nothing to do with the house chores today because i wake up late and it makes me even lazier to do work. Actually today i am going to change the house streamyx to wifi but i think i am going to postpone it to tomorrow.

Tomorrow is movie day. Wednesday. Should i break the rules? haish........
i really need to save money but i cant resist the temptation to eat to watch to buy....arghHHH!!!!

I found out this in the MAKNA brocuhure. Not yet read its about what in that blog but mainly is a kind hearted group helps people battling with cancer.

Thats all, Have a nice tuesday readers. :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

More thinking..use brain la...


I suddenly get to know that an old friend of mine got a blog and i read it. As a psychologist soon to be, her life is really interesting. With the money support from family, she managed to travel if she have holidays. Quiet envy with that because she went to many Europe country already. ouwww...I wish i had money drop from the sky. Every person different fate i should say. Some born to be rich. I believe this has something to do with karma.

One week left to a new semester. I am then officially a third year HK01 student. A junior ask note from me and it make me feel really old already. But then i passed the junior to taragang saru..because he always wish a junior can find him and he want pass note to the juniors ( perempuan saja la :P) huuu.....

New semester resolution?
1. Work harder. - kasi up pointer la orang bilang.
2. Save money. - suda pokai on holidays, its time to back to normal life and ikat perut! no more shopping! only window shopping. no more expensive food, only during special occasion. no more movie! save the time to study...

uiseh...looks very Powerful my new semester target...can do it or not is a different story.

I learnt another lesson lagi which i hope i can do it also...haha...

Less talking with mouth, More thinking with brain.
This quote i found somewhere in somebody fb status.
I think its super duper true.

Nowadays, people always speak nonsense things or omong kosong action was taken for what they had say, or they just like to talk something which they think it is very impressing, or to be simple, they just no use their brain to talk. So, why not from now on, talk less on something nonsense and talk more about something helps in everyday life. Right? I think very suit me. I really talk something useless de sometimes.. time to change.... :)

My mum used to tell me.
Do not quarrel with anyone. Especially older than u. Why? No manner. haha...
I do not know who told me this, the purpose of perang mulut is just to show off the ego of a person. They only want to & win.... whats the purpose again? to make them feel what they say is true even if they are wrong, yet they still want to prove that they are right. You ever in that condition before? I never la...because i lazy to argue back. Luckily i am not taking Law if not i will lose gao gao...haha...continue with the arguing topic. Some people arguing for good. Some just... again...for ego. It will be even worst if they argue and never let u have a "stage-go-down" chances, means....tidak bagi muka.....Especially with the people that they think they know everything. So when u meet such people. Dont ever start arguing with them, just let them be. Once they tell u A, u know the things should be B. just said, " ok..its A". It does not mean we give up easily. What i trying to say here is, dont waste ur time arguing with those type of people, who talks..argue without using brains.. Actually i always argue with 1 person, i think its time to change juga...hahaha.....

*oppsss....this post has nothing to do with anyone. I just suddenly have the mood to blog and it just came out my mind like dat. It is just my opinion. Have a nice day everyone! Happy Monday!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

2nd July 10


It was a tired short journey. Actually roanne was bringing her friends, Pui Mun & Kar Wai to visit some places in Borneo and we decided to follow them. In the morning, Pui Mun & Kar Wai went to snorkeling in Mamutik island. Noon, we bring them to Karambunai Resort. Just to let them see the beauty of the beach. Suppose to visit the Lagoon area but due to the weather was too hot. It was cancelled. The plan was until Karambunai only but we extend it, we headed to Salut bring them to eat the famous pudding. And……went tamparuli just to eat the “Tuaran Mee”. When eat tuaran mee in tamparuli, it is not mention as tuaran mee but fried mee. After that, bring them to see the Jambatan Tamparuli. I bet they never see the real hanging bridge as they came from big city. Haha… I know it sounds funny but I really go to try out the hanging bridge. Go to the seberang and the turn back…HAHAHAHA!!!!! So scaryyy!!!!!! After that, we leaving Tamparuli and went to UMS. Give them brief tour about ums because Kar Wai is going to enter UMS as a fresh graduate.

Wave goodbye to them.

Went to Knight and Day at 1b with Nana Ryde.

I tell u….this movie really not my type. Even the actress and actor really not catch my attention. Boring movie. Another rm 6 wasted.

Went to Damai and had dumpling as dinner.

Bought birthday cake for my mum coz its her birthday today.

Not able to join roane's them night out watching football at Upperstar..sorry...pokai suda & tired....


Tuaran mee aka fried mee (non-halal.)

Roanne's kl frens
The tamparuli town.
it never change.

The hanging bridge~~~
Jambatan GAnTUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My lovely mum.
love u.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Last day of june.





The third week continuously visits sushi king in w. sq.

I promise myself this is going to be the last time I step into it for now.

I will be fasting sushi for at least a month to cover up all the food cost eaten in this holiday…XD

I am a student with no income and depend on the study loan…

1 word best describe my condition now is… “POkai!”


Like last week, meet roanne and lulu there and lunch together.

Also saw ally and faieza there with boy boy. ( faieza’s shy shy small brother).

Also saw Gavin with his frens.

And then went to window shopping at cp.

Window shopping..means..back home with nothing..X(

Lastly, wave goodbye to roro & lulu.


Meet up with ally and faeiza again at faieza’s house.

Ally picked up Sandra and we’re heading to 1b.

This time, because of emergency..i got chance go in sandra’s house. First timeeeee…….

We want to watch ghost movie but that movie premier is at 11+pm.

So it was canceled and we choose to watch The A-team.

I read in someone blog I think, mentioning it as a 5 star rated movie?

If not mistaken….

It turn out so syiukkkkkk!!!!

Diablo in Spanish means Devil or in another meaning…Damn or Shit…

The movie so cool la….

Anyone who like action+comedy movies a re highly recomemended to watch this.

Before movie go kbox for 30 min…

After movie go kbox again for 30 min also…


Most of 1b store closed dy.

So heading to Getaran Jiwa which is at Alam mesra.

First time going there also. ( sigh, now I was doubting…am I a kk-rian? So many first time…)

The food…sorry to say this…tasteless….

Absolutely wont go there for filling stomach again..


Reached home….

Tired!!! But fun!!!

Now pics show down….

Lulu & Roro.
Paparazi : ally, fifa & boyboy.

vanila soft icecream+free topping.

P/s: today sasa T leaving Sabah dy.... :( Good luck in everything till we meet again next holidays..I like the gift!!!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

are u versatile?

The Versatile Blogger.
Thank you to miss Caroline for giving the blogger award.
and mentioning me as "the sweetie".... sweet of u....
and i very like this tagging@ awards thingy. ^^
its like an appreciation to our blog
though we are not those famous blogger.

7 random things about me.

1. I am not a football fanatic. But in this WC 2010, i support Lionel Messi from Argentina.
2. When it comes to online, i can sit for hours in front of laptop.
3. I like gladiator flat shoes.
4. I dont drive manual.........tidak pandai bah..... :(
5. I cant cook...but im learning to..... i like telur dadar!!!!!
6. I like ghost movies!!!! But then i dont watch alone.
7. I am not an alcoholic...& i dont smoke. :)

So right now, i am going to forward this award to my blogger frens....
( randomly arrange.....& click on the name for link...hehehe....) :)

1. Miss Caroline * my award to u....... :)
2. Mr. Randy. * never miss out reading his blog.
2. Miss Chichi. *mysterious post with many isi!
3. Miss Ally. *simple update but padat. :0 with nice pics...
4. Miss Lv. * new blogger fren.... roti canai pakis flavor.... :)
5. Miss Sandra *quote & till then peace..... hahahaha.....
6. Miss Tantinny. *nice the romantic story of urs...
7. Miss Syameen. *yup...i like reading ur updates...
8. Miss Sasa T. * she is...miss sasa T. :)
9. Miss Jevelle. * interesting issues, thought about!
10. Mr. Sylvester. * jarang update but once he updates, all powers english word..nice!
11. Mr. Walton * like reading it....about anything he sees....face...story...
12. Miss Jocelyn * updates of korean bonamanama? hehehe....
13. Miss Jacynta * miss jacynta......

Dont stop the flow...
if u just boring or run out of topic for ur blog...
Pass it on to ur other bloggers fren......
Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!